Why Calvary Baptist Christian Academy? 

“We believe that God should be a part of everything that we teach our children. Our daughter is getting a wonderful education at CBCA and is also learning that all she has comes from God and is learning to know and sere him throughout her life.”

“We chose CBCA because of the commitment to quality education using biblical values.”

“We moved to Meadville in May 2006 and after touring many preschools, my daughter and I both choose CBCA. My daughter chose CBCA because of all the toys she saw and because of the brightly colored cubbies…I chose CBCA because I want my daughter to know about the love of Christ and how important Faith is. I want to point her nose in the right direction from an early age and CBCA is helping me accomplish this.”

“The teachers are compassionate and caring individuals. My daughter’s teacher always keeps me informed and by sending home her daily paperwork, I get to see how she is progressing. I think that it’s wonderful that my daughter has the opportunity for music class. I love it when she comes home and I hear her singing the songs that she has learned.”

My daughter and I are BOTH very happy that we chose CBCA!

The guidance, overall education attention and  spiritual growth that our son receives at CBCA is second to none.  Although he is only in pre-school and nearly 4 years of age, we have seen a significant improvement in his overall growth and development, both in a Christian and educational sense.  he feels welcomed, at home and an integral part of this classroom and pre-school environment as a whole…We have chosen to keep our son at CBCA based on the earlier mentioned area, but also because CBCA gives us peace of mind he is taken care of, loved and appreciated as much as he is at home!

We chose CBCA because of the spiritual aspect that is incorporated into our child’s education.

My daughter is now in 2nd grade and academically way beyond what they are doing in other local schools.  My second son is in pre-school and will attend kindergarten next year, and my third son is in the pre-school and has matured in an amazing way in a few months…The academic program can’t be touched.  And I haven’t even mentioned the biblical aspect of the school.  My daughter is learning scripture and things about the Bible that I don’t even know.  She is teaching me!  I just love everything about Calvary…the academics, the biblical teaching, the discipline and structure that is provided.  There is no where else for my children and I am so thankful for the staff and everyone involved with the school.

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